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I told a friend of a plan. It was one of those crazy master plans that will probably change to world. He seemed nonplused. I said, “How about a writers workshop for blogging?” He said, “I don’t like writing. So why should I come?”

I won’t convince a veteran of the “Blog Battles” of ’aught 11 and ’aught 12 like him that writing is fun if he has already decided it isn’t. But maybe I can convince him, and maybe you, that blogging is important. And I’ll try by sharing with everyone why I blog.

To think things through

When approaching an idea that I may not quite completely understand, I don’t always consider it from all angles without some sort of framework. Blogging is one of the frameworks I use. By trying to think through an explanatory narrative, I come to understand what was a vague notion before.

To find later

I have come across the occasional hard fraught nugget of knowledge. Unfortunately, I have mind that is quirky about what actually sticks. Fortunately, I have referenced my blog myself.

As a shorthand for explaining to others

Nothing makes me happier when having a chat with my colleagues and being able to say, “Have you tried #{thing}?” Bonus points if I can point them to a blog post where I actually have something constructive to say.

To participate with the community

I look forward to the SEP blog battles. Not only is it fun to think about how I’m going to approach the topic, but I love reading the posts my coworkers write. It is wonderful to see a new perspective from the thoughts I’ve been having.

Because I have time

I used to spend evenings for a month at a time prepping presentations. I wrote code while watching TV with my Wife. I’m now a Dad. I would rather spend time with my Wife and Daughter than a laptop. But I still read. And since I have my phone at almost all times, I can write when my baby Daughter sleeps on my shoulder. Like now.

To improve my communications

The most important thing I do all day is communicate. Usually, it is written communication. I write for the compiler. I write to my friends in chat. I write to my team and company in email. I write code that needs to communicate to not only only my other team members, but myself when I come back to this code in the future Writing is a skill and blogging is a way to practice.

This is why I write. Your motive for blogging or not are your own. But I would recommend you occasionally write something.

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