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Automatic, for the People

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Confession, this is the album where I stopped listening to REM. Dunno why, because Monster was one of the best albums I never bought.

Let us review our strategy, especially referencing our usage of White. I find it interesting that Test Complete makes it so hard to “do the right thing” as propounded by both Scripting GUI Tests in Ruby and by White. And just what is that?

The responsibility of the test script is to

  • perform a series of actions and verifications.
  • allow someone to read the script and understand what the hell is going on.

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Generic White Rubies are Open

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I’ve been continuing my exploration of IronRuby and White for gui testing. I expected to deal with Automation IDs first, but I’ll get back to that. For now I’m tying IronRuby to White, and handling generics.

My install of white is not in the GAC, so I’ll be requireing DLLs from a directory. DLLs are looked for in ruby’s $LOAD_PATH, just like ruby libraries. It’s an array. You’ll notice that White suggests also including an NUnit dll, but I’ve not needed that with RSpec. And, I want to shorten the namespace stuff. So let’s start with white.rb and we’ll add to it later.

white_loc = "C:\\Projects\\Libs\\White_Bin_0.18"
require "White.Core.dll"
Application = Core::Application

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Thoughts on GUI Testing

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I’m currently involved with a WPF project as a tester.  My charge is to automate the System-Level testing of this project for my client.  Our belife is that automated testing allows us to find “popup bugs” before they become a problem.  This has worked well, in combination with the team doing a degree of dog-fooding.  They catch the esoteric things, I find the simple things no one looks for.  Also, I’m currently working with a lot of them as we build manual test scripts for our verification phase.  This is a lot more focused act that, once automated as we move forward with version two, will allow us to have a better understanding of the “shipability” of our software.  We’re regulated and we want to automate most of the acceptance testing, at least in theory.

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