Apropos of Nothing – A Magical Podcast Playlist

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Several years ago, I was listening to a podcast and they were making fun of a friend of theirs. The friend liked closing music on podcasts, because it gave him time to pick a new show before that one is done. My mind boggled because I had already solved this problem using iTunes smart playlists.

Fact: Each podcast has a ‘media kind’ of podcast when imported via iTunes.

Fact: Each podcast file has a play count that starts and zero and increases once the file has been played all the way through. If you stop, skip, and go back the play count is still zero until you finish the file. Listen on you iPod then sync and the count goes to 1.

Fact: It’s trivial to right-click a file in iTunes and reset plays

Combine those first two facts with a ‘smart playlist’ with live updating and I always have a list of fresh new podcasts.

Bonus Fact 1: If your car has an iPod interface, naming some playlists 01_* through 05_* will control which order the playlists happen to appear on your 6 disc changer interface.

Bonus Fact 2: If you use an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone this list will update as you play through them on that device. Millage varies on other iPods.

I have no idea why now is the time I have a bee in my bonnet to write this down.

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