C# Lies. But You Knew That, Right?

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Mark posted a question about using the MenuItemBy method on White’s MenuBar class from ruby. But there’s a problem. While the examples show C# code being used with two parameters as below, it is a lie. That method uses the params keyword, which means the rest of the CLR sees that as an array. You’re just lucky in C#. The literal translation of the code below to IronRuby will fail. 2 arguments for 1. Because it expects a typed array, not multiple parameters.

  win.MenuBar.MenuItemsBy(SearchCriteria.ByText("Task"), SearchCriteria.ByText("New"))

So, we can just wrap our criteria objects in a ruby array and pass them in? Nope. Not in 0.9, and not without some meta magic. We need a Core.UIItems.Finders.SearchCriteria[], so we’ll get one by detouring through a generic list. Oh! this is a great time to notice that CLR classes use the [] operator to return parameterized instances of themselves, like the C# <type> syntax. Here’s what my cucumber step definition looks like for creating a new task via a menu.

When "I click Task -> New" do
  l = System::Collections::Generic::List[Core::UIItems::Finders::SearchCriteria].new
  @win.menu_bar.menu_item_by( l.ToArray ).click

This works. I admit it ain’t the prettiest, but it is expanded for demonstration purposes. Yeah, that’s it. I’m kinda rushing to get some stuff done (and posting for breakfast), so I’d like to revisit this later and clean it up with metaprogramming. Maybe next month?

I also want to note something. I thought including namespaces was so damn cool, but White and WPF use similar names and I’m not sure ruby’s modules are doing the isolation I want, so I’m avoiding it until I need it. Also something else to look into.

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