Overcoming Momentum – It’s how I’ve always done it.

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This week’s blog battle has begun!

We, those of us who fancy ourselves serious developers, like to disparage the enterprise developer who specializes in a class of application called Forms Over Data. The Business needs to save some data, so they have the DBA lay out a table. The developer then points their IDE at the table and drags input element on to the form and bind columns to text boxes and BAM!, they are done. System.DraggyDroppy. It doesn’t scale to Real Development. Not when I have a rich set of domain objects.

When I started full-on professional development, the summer before my senior year, I wrote web pages. Each page was a thin veneer over the database. Until I had to add more logic and added a bunch of ifs and elses in to the page. The fact remains, the data I was manipulating was pretty anemic. I’ll call this Pages Over Data. The difference is I have an implicit Fat Controller in my CGI script that the forms over data didn’t.

As I’ve done more desktop and mobile development, I’m starting to see that I’ve just done the same damn thing. Over and Over. It’s how I’ve always done it.

Recently, I have heard several people talk about software architecture. James Coplein has been promoting DCI. At work a few of us have been thinking about rereading Eric Evan’s Domain Driven Design. Despite none of these texts exploring a new idea, despite none of these ideas being things I heartily agree with, despite having evangelized and touted these ideas; I’m not very good at it. I keep finding myself doing pages over data.

What am I seeing? In one case, we had to stand up a bunch of screens for a user study so we’ve stuck a bunch of logic in Android Activity classes. While we’ve been refactoring this out, the odds are good we will always have some of that sticking around. In another case, we had a “business layer” that another team managed and UI designed a screen at a time. Our ViewModels had a lot of logic that we decided didn’t belong in the BL as that was a representation of only the data to be saved in the file and enough logic to ensure consistency and validity and undoing edits.

I can’t put my finger on WHY I don’t like these things, but I don’t. I’m on a quest to overcome the architectural momentum I’ve developed. Here’s what I’m going to do about it. I’m reading a bunch of architecture stuff. Reading along is only so good, so I’m writing a pet project a few times to explore each architectural style I’m working with. Hopefully, this will give me a better understanding of what I’m feeling and how well these styles work for me. So the next time I’m done with a project I don’t look back and say, “it’s just Pages over Data.”

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