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Project: MUD

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I kind of mentioned this project at the tail end of the big py country post. I’ve been spending some time writing a rudimentary MUD in Erlang. Why? MUDs are fun. I want to know if Erlang is a fit for any future SEP projects. And I’m interested in what it would take to do the same thing on the .NET platform.

So, what do I mean by ‘rudimentary’ MUD? I want to connect via telnet. I want to issue commands. I want to move from room to room. I want to create rooms. I want to create items. I want to meet others waking around the mud. I want to run my mud across a cluster of servers. But, at this point scripting and combat aren’t in scope.

While I’ve made progress, Holidays happen and it will probably take a few weeks longer than the one week I was originally planning. I’ve got my telnet and command parser. I’m logging in and storing my users in the world. And that’s where I am right now.  It’s not just to holidays, it’s also learning a new language and it’s libraries.  I’ve had to fight with the dictionary for a while, then there’s some missing commas that keep cropping up.

I’m still trying to figure out the finer points of OTP, which may cause a rewrite of my telnet service.

Once I’m done, I’ll be putting together a more complete post on the project and start using this as a referance for a .NET implementation. Now, the .NET implementation may only be a roadmap and a short talk comparing the two platforms. Either way, this should be fun.

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FSharp Presentation Notes!

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I had a great time giving my talk tonight.  Thanks to the guys at IndyAlt.NET for listening to my prattling.  It’s been fun having an excuse to dig into FSharp again.  So, let the linking begin.

Die Roller Source Code

My FSharp Examples

Slide Deck

More information on FSharp The official site

VS Shell Where you can install FSharp

Don Syme’s Blog

Expert FSharp

HubFS the FSharp Community and it’s Forums

Other Great Blogs

Matthew Podwysocki

Lucas Bolognese

Luis Diego Fallas

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I’m Presentable!

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I’ll be presenting a talk on FSharp at on the 18th of December.

If you’ve seen my talk at SEP, This will be an updated version.  I’m re-ordering slides, adding new shout-outs to Eddie Izzard, expanding my example code, and slowing the explanation of my code.  Also, I’m going to use fsUnit to ease into the syntax and explain my parser bit by bit.  I’ll have a bigger writeup on the day of the talk.  Don’t want to tip my hand too early…

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