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Last night, Anthony Panazzo gave a talk about cloud computing to the InyAlt.NET use group.  He got some help from Jon Fuller, Mike Brown, and Shane Milton.  Shane’s not from around here (originally written for an internal company blog).
Jon F gave a demo using Google’s App Engine.  It got me slightly itching to dig open my “old” appegnine project from earlier this year.  I dropped it because it’s Python and Django.  I don’t know Django and I’m not excited by Python.  Personally, I believe Python is evil but not evil enough.  I’m getting picky about my languages in my old age.  But, still I was interested.
On the drive in this morning, I was thinking about how cold it was, but also about how if I deployed a project on Google, Mike Brown would whine about not using Azure.  He’s biased.  He’s got a website.  Not to be one to stand up to peer pressure, I began to think about the fact WebApp (Google’s default appengine library) and Django both use an abstraction calls WSGI (Pronounced Wiz-Gee).  If I could get an Adaptor to sit between IronPython and WSGI and ASP.NET, then I can have my appengine and azure it too.
Oh, life was grand!  I was gonna start a code-plex project and call it “bluewiskey” (Aszure + WSGI).  I was gonna write blog post called “A Year of Living Django-usly.”  But I sit now in ruins as it’s already been done.  More correctly, NWSGI is currently in development.
NWSGI does work, but has two big fallbacks.  It doesn’t currently support DJango out of the box (you could probably jurry-rig it).  And secondly, It currrently runs full-trust making Azure deployment an issue.  However, It’s active (a check-in from Wednesday) and the full-trust issue is being fixed.
Back to looking for something strange to do.  Erlang + MUD?


  1. Anthony Panozzo  •  Nov 22, 2008 @1:10 am

    That was a pretty good idea. I’ve had that experience where you think something is original and then you google and someone’s working on it or has already done it. Kind of a letdown. 🙂

    I don’t know anything about full trust. Perhaps you can elaborate on this? The MUD also sounds pretty interesting to me. I’ve never played one, although the domain seems right for Erlang, as you’ve mentioned. The hard part would be coming up with the content to actually make it fun, at least in my opinion. Maybe you have some ideas on this?

    The comment fields on this blog are difficult to see in at least Firefox, you might consider changing the border color. Also, I posted this on your internal blog, didn’t see the external one until later, so moved this over so others could see it. Take care!

  2. Ball  •  Nov 22, 2008 @8:11 pm

    The “Trust” level of an ASP.NET applications refers to the degree of freedom available to the application. These provide limits to API calls made by the hosted application as a means of protecting a 3rd party hosting. for more information on what those permission levels are.

    Information about the Erlang Mud will have to wait until I get some cycles. It will hopefully make an awesome brownbag presentation.

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